Archmage: Reincarnation from Hell is the leader in massively multiplayer, fantasy strategy games. It is playable entirely through your existing Internet web-browser or Web TV, requiring no additional software to download. Best of all, this unique service is provided for you absolutely free. In the game, you are a reincarnated mage whose soul has survived the Great Mage War, a devastating era that destroyed most of the sorcerers and the magic on the mystical world of Terra. You research arcane spells, assemble epic armies, expand your territory, and start the long trek towards world domination... again.

-- 2022-06-04 15:02:13 --
Added links to GUIDE and INTRO in Landing-page. These links access the Archive.ORG portal to show both original Maritel sections. Once the beta phase of the game development is reached, the GUIDE and INTRO will be published integrated in the game and with multilanguage support. Created TELEGRAM Group for chatting about the game.
-- 2022-05-27 12:00:00 --
Published Landing-Page with Multilanguage Functionality depending on the language of the Web Browser. Configured languages: English and Spanish.